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Application Scope of Bearings

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The knuckle bearing can be used to guide the rotation movement of the axis and bear the load transferred from the axis to the frame. Bearing is widely used in the mechanical industry, and it is the supporting component of rotating axis or movable part of various machines. It is called mechanical joint. The following content introduces the application fields of bearings.



Construction Machinery

In many bearings of construction machinery, the bearings of excitation axis of vibration equipment need special attention. Roller, ramming machine, vibration motor and vibration pile driver work by mechanical vibration. In these equipment, deep groove ball bearing, spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearing have been successfully applied.


Sensor bearing


Industrial Forklift

Many bearings of special design are used on industrial forklift. Sensor bearing combines rolling bearing technology and modern sensor technology for transmission, control and monitoring. 



Wind Power Generator

At present, the power level of wind power generator has exceeded 3MW. The metal bearing must have enough load capacity and be suitable for swing and vibration conditions. Low friction standard rolling bearings are suitable for wind power generators. Bearings are installed in standard or special bearing housings. In special cases, special rolling bearings can also be used.


In many cases, the rolling bearing used in wind power generator must meet the requirements of high quality. The main bearing can be spindle bearing or hub bearing. Spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing or tapered roller bearing are used for the bearing at fixed or floating end. 



Steel Industry

In general, the bearing of rolling mill in steel plant needs to bear very high load, and in most cases, it works under the condition of high working temperature and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, in addition to the use of standard rolling bearings, it is necessary to use some special bearings suitable for these conditions.


The rolling bearing used in converter should not only support heavy weight, but also bear high impact load. The split large spherical roller bearings and the integral large spherical roller bearings can meet these requirements. 


In the continuous casting production line, the rotating arm on the rotating equipment is supported by large rolling bearings. Thrust spherical roller bearings are usually used to support weight, while cylindrical roller bearings are used to withstand overturning moment.


knuckle bearing

At the inner supporting point of slave driven roller, split roller bearing is used. In order to prevent the axis from being affected by high temperature billet, scale and cooling water, the bearing pedestal needs to be cooled by water. For the support outside the non-slave driven roller or slave driven roller, the integral bearing can be used. Sealed spherical roller bearing can reduce lubricant consumption and environmental damage.


In order to bear the large radial load on the rolling mill, double row or four row cylindrical roller bearings are often used, and thrust deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, double row tapered roller bearings, thrust tapered roller bearings or thrust spherical roller bearings are used as thrust bearings. If double row or four row tapered roller bearings are used, there is usually no need for additional thrust bearings.



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