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For Rational Usage of Bearings, the Most Important Thing Is to Do a Good Job in Bearing Lubrication

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Reasonable usage of spherical plain bearings is the main way to extend the service life of bearings. The most important thing to use metal bearings reasonably is to do well in bearing lubrication.



1. Reasonable Selection of Lubricating Grease

In order to get the best lubrication effect, it is very important to choose the grease. The selection of center bearing grease must be considered from the following aspects.


(1) The lubricating grease for stainless steel ball bearings must have antirust effect, and the antirust agent is preferably insoluble in water. The grease shall have good adhesion and can form oil film on the steel surface.


(2) During machining process, the grease will soften and cause leakage. During normal operation, grease is injected into the metal bearing from the bearing seater. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the soap liquid structure of the grease will collapse during the operation, which will cause the grease to be damaged and lose lubrication.



(3) Oil seal is a necessary barrier to protect bearing and lubricating oil from external pollution. During the operation of the bearing, no sundries or moisture will penetrate into the bearing to prevent damage. At the same time, pay attention to the cleanliness of the center bearing, the correctness of bearing selection and the correct installation and maintenance tools.


(4) Mixed grease shall not be mixed with incompatible grease. If two incompatible greases are mixed, their consistency will generally soften and eventually the stainless steel ball bearings may be damaged due to the easy loss of grease.


(5) The classification of grease is mainly based on temperature and working conditions. The consistency and lubricating ability of the grease are affected by the working temperature. The spherical plain bearing operating at a certain temperature must choose the grease with correct consistency and good lubrication effect at the same temperature. For a certain grease, the manufacturer will give a maximum and minimum service temperature. When it is selected, the maximum and minimum temperature of the lubricating part (generally the minimum temperature at startup) should be considered.


(6) An important factor in the selection of lubricating grease is that all measures to prevent bearing are in vain if incorrect lubricating grease is selected.



2. Related to the Type, Size and Operation Conditions of the Bearing

The choice of lubricant and lubrication mode of rolling bearing is also related to the type, size and operation conditions of bearing. Generally, the rolling bearing is lubricated by grease or oil, and it can also be lubricated by solid under special conditions. In grease lubrication and oil lubrication, grease lubrication is the most widely used. About 80% of rolling bearings use grease lubrication.




3. Related to the Filling Amount in the Bearing and Bearing Seat

The amount of filling in the knuckle bearing and bearing seat also has a great influence on the temperature rise and torque of the bearing, so it should be paid enough attention. The net volume of the space in the bearing seat excluding the shaft and the bearing shall be adopted, and the grease shall be filled according to the relationship between the bearing speed and the limit speed listed in the comprehensive sample. When the limit speed is not more than 50%, the filling volume shall be 1 / 2 ~ 2  / 3 of the space net volume, otherwise it shall be 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the space net volume. That is to say, for the case of high speed, the filling amount of grease is relatively small. In some cases, it is necessary to reduce the filling amount to less considering reducing the friction moment and preventing heating and other factors. In addition, the ultra-low speed bearing is almost filled due to the improvement of dust-proof and water-proof performance.

4. Related to Operation Time

Generally speaking, the lubrication plan of knuckle bearings is based on time. Equipment suppliers usually make lubrication plans based on operation time. In addition, equipment suppliers often guide the use of lubricating oil in their maintenance planning process. For staff, it is very common to change lubricating oil in a short time, and more lubricating grease is often added.


Correct installation and maintenance is an important factor to give full play to the longest service life of industrial bearings. Therefore, the above mentioned factors still need to be paid attention to and a good job should be done in maintenance.



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