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Industrial Bearing - the Heart of Machinery

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The human heart is the most important, which is the key to human survival, while the industrial bearing is the key to the flexible operation of machinery, and also the heart of machinery. What kind of bearing can be considered as a good one? Let's get to know some about it below.



1. Maintenance of Stable and High-speed Operation

First of all, as the core part of mechanical operation, the most important thing is to ensure that the bearing can run stably, safely and at high speed, so as to make the whole mechanical process smoothly circulate. Once the shaft bearing rotation is inflexible, stuck and slow, it will also greatly affect the normal operation of the machine, so it is the most basic requirement of the industrial bearing to maintain high-speed operation smoothly.



2. Precision

Precision is also a very important indicator of bearing. The precision of high precision bearing can reach 0.001 mm, while the manufacturing tolerance of common mechanical parts is only 0.01 mm.


The higher the quality is and the better the bearing is, then the more difficult the production will be. If the internal geometry is optimized, the rack level is redesigned, and a new type of low friction grease is applied, then the friction torque can be reduced, the accuracy can reach up level, and super precision level bearings can be manufactured.



3. Wear Resistance

The operation and precision of knuckle bearings are related to the quality of bearings, while the wear resistance of bearings affects the service life of bearings. Because the bearing is a mechanical joint, if the service life of the bearing is very short and it is not wear-resistant, then it is also a kind of loss for the machine.



4. Proper Utilization

It is required to be cautious for application. Even if a high-performance bearing is applied, if it is not used properly, the expected performance effect will not be achieved.


Please pay attention to the following points in usage process.

(1) First of All, Keep the Bearing and Its Working Environment Clean

Even the small dust that can not be seen by the eyes will bring bad influence to the machine bearing. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean, so that the dust will not invade the industrial bearing.


(2) Second, Use it Carefully

In the usage of small bearing, strong impact will produce scars and indentation, or even cracks and fracture, which becomes the cause of the accident, so it must be paid attention to.


(3) Usage of Appropriate Operating Tools

Proper operation tools must be used to avoid being replaced with existing tools.



(4) Hot Fitting Is Recommended

Bearing belongs to precision instrument, so it is recommended to install the machine and equipment with high precision.


(5) Finally, Pay Attention to the Corrosion of the Bearing

When operating the machine bearing, the sweat on the hand will become the cause of rust. So be careful to operate with clean hands, preferably with gloves.


Knuckle bearings are applied in various fields such as industry and agriculture, national defense, science and technology, and civil equipment (such as computer optical drive, hard disk and automobile). Their accuracy, performance, life, reliability and various economic indicators are closely related to bearings. Small bearings is playing an increasingly important role in national economy and national defense construction. Therefore, more investments are needed in the research and development of bearings.

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