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Metal Bearing Identification Method

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The metal bearing can be said a support. The essence of a support is to be able to bear radial loads. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. It is to fix the shaft so that it can only achieve rotation, and control its axial and radial movement. The motor cannot work without bearings, because the shaft can move in any direction, but the shaft can only be required to rotate when the motor is working. There are many kinds of bearings, such as rod end joint bearing, spherical plain bearings and so on. So how to judge the bearing is good or not?


1. The piracy refurbished spherical plain bearing is generally limited by the technology and equipment of small bearing manufacturers, so the bearing accuracy is low, the bearing surface is rough, the chamfer size is uneven, and some have black skin and pits.

Metal Bearing

2. Some inferior industrial bearing materials are ordinary steel, carbon steel, martensitic steel, and iron pipes, etc. Most of these materials are white in appearance, and the color of special metal bearing steel is green. But looking at the color alone can't tell whether it's good or bad, and hardness analysis is still needed. The hardness of ordinary steel is low.


3. Some small manufacturers have a simple technique of dipping fire, the bearing is unevenly heated, and there will be slight deformation.


4. Rotate the bearing to see if the bearing rotates evenly and whether the sound is continuous and no noise.


5. Look at the spherical plain bearing bracket. Formal manufacturers' bearing brackets are regular and free of burrs. Riveted bearing brackets have the same size of rivet pier heads. Non-formal manufacturers have simple processing techniques and equipment, so the brackets are rough.


6. Look at the packaging. The formal manufacturers have consistent packaging. The lettering on the packaging is clear. Some counterfeit bearing packaging is inconsistent, or simple and irregular.


7. Look at the font on the end face of the bearing. The original bearing is very clear and uniform regardless of the steel font or laser font. The laser font has a certain depth. The counterfeit bearing font has broken marks.


8. Look at the certificate. The knuckle bearing of the formal manufacturers have a certificate and the size of the certificate is the same. Most of the certificates are greaseproof paper. The typeface is clear. Some manufacturers have the inquiry information on the certificate of conformity. The font of counterfeit certificates is vague, the material is ordinary paper, and the certificates have different sizes. It is recommended to keep a formal manufacturer's certificate for comparative reference.


boat trailer wheel bearings

9. Some imported bearings are different from domestic ones in terms of rust preventive oil. Imported bearings are not without rust preventive oil, but you can not see the traces. The surface of the bearing is clear. While some counterfeit imported knuckle bearings are made of domestic rust preventive oil and you will feel sticky when touching them. It smells like rust-proof oil.


10. Understand formal manufacturers' normal product typing specifications in industrial bearings, such as: bearing model, trademark, year code. And some fake bearing fonts are engraved, even if some fonts printed by laser are fuzzy.


11. If conditions permit, it is best to visit the bearing manufacturer or brand distributor in person.



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