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Rod End Joint Bearing Type

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Rod end articulated bearings are articulated bearings with rod ends or mounted on rod ends.

Brief introduction of rod end spherical plain bearings

The basic type consists of inner and outer rings with a spherical sliding  contact surface. Spherical bearings are mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface, which can withstand large loads. According to its different types and structures, it can bear radial load, axial load or radial and axial combined load. Due to the composite material inlaid on the outer spherical surface of the inner ring, the bearing can produce self-lubrication during operation.


It is generally used for low-speed oscillating movements, and can also perform tilting movements within a certain angle range. When the support shaft and the shaft housing hole have a large misalignment, they can still work normally. Self-lubricating joints are used in water conservancy and professional machinery industries. Because of the large spherical sliding contact area of the spherical plain bearing and the large inclination angle, at the same time, most spherical plain bearings adopt special processing methods, such as surface phosphating, galvanizing, chrome plating or outer sliding surface lining, inlaying, spraying, etc. Therefore, it has a large load capacity and impact resistance, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-alignment, good lubrication, or self-lubrication without lubrication pollution, and can work normally even if the installation is misplaced. Therefore, spherical plain bearing are widely used for low-speed oscillating motion, tilting motion and rotary motion.

rod ends


Spherical plain bearings and rod ends have multiple designs and different combinations of sliding contact surfaces. Each design and combination has unique properties that make it particularly suitable for certain applications.


Type of rod end joint bearing

There are five main types of rod end spherical bearings, including radial spherical plain bearings that require maintenance, maintenance-free spherical plain bearings, angular contact spherical plain bearings, spherical plain thrust bearings, and rod end plain bearings.


To select a certain bearing type, to determine the required bearing size, the main factors that must be considered are load, bearing capacity and expected service life. The same is true when selecting rod ends.


According to GB / T9161 standard and type code, rod end joint bearings are: SQ, SQZ, SQD, SLLB, SALB, SQLD, SK, SF and SLR.


Rod ends are divided into size series:

Rod end joint bearing EH series (reinforced); rod end joint bearing EG series (reinforced); inch size rod end plain bearing normal series (size series code Z); rod end joint bearing JK series (size series code JK ). Its structural material code and clearance group code are like joint bearings.

Rod end spherical plain bearings are mainly used for support parts with low concentricity requirements, large working surface pressure, and slow swing and slewing motion.


Detailed information on rod end joint bearings need to consult GB / T304,1-2002, GB / T304,2-2002, GB / T304,3-21102, GB / 12765-1991.


Rod end spherical plain bearing, which are sliding bearings, are wear-resistant non-metallic lubricating types and oil channel oil-lubricating types.


Similar to GE20-ET, GE15-ET, etc. are articulated bearings, the suffix is a specific type.


Spherical plain bearings are divided into GE, GEC, GEG, GEEW, GEK, GEH and other types, sizes and lubrication methods are different, you can find in the sliding bearing classification of the mechanical design manual.


The narrow-end articulated bearing should refer to the so-called fish-eye joint.


Spherical bearings

The difference between the internal and external wires of the fisheye joint according to the connection method is: internal thread series SIG, external thread series SAG.


The size of the inner and outer wires is the same as the inner diameter of the fisheye. For example, the joint is M12, and the inner diameter of the bearing is D12.


Spherical plain bearing are widely used in engineering hydraulic oil cylinders, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, automobile shock absorbers, hydraulic machinery and other industries.



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