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Which Suspension is Better, McPherson, Double-Wishbone, or Multi-Link?

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With the popularization of automobiles, the major automobile brand manufacturers are increasingly demanding their own products to improve their market competitiveness. There are many factors that consumers need to consider when buying a car. Consumers not only have to consider the fuel consumption of the car, but also have certain requirements for the comfort of the car. As for the comfort of the car, consumers should pay attention to the chassis suspension of the car, such as McPherson suspension, double-wishbone suspension and multi-link independent suspension.


The car suspension is an important component to ensure driving comfort. At the same time, the car suspension is used as a power transmission mechanism for the connection between the frame and the bearing (or wheel). It is also an important part to ensure the driving safety of cars. Therefore, automobile suspensions are often listed as important components and compiled into the technical specifications of the car, which is one of the indicators to measure the quality of the car.

linkage components 


1. The McPherson Suspension

The McPherson suspension is generally composed of three parts: the spring, the lower sway arm and the shock absorber. It can be seen that these three components have a simple structure and low cost, so the suspension is suitable for ordinary cars.


The shortcomings of the McPherson suspension are also obvious. Due to the limitations of the materials used, the stability of the McPherson suspension is poor. The requirements for the spring lubrication system are high, and customers who use this type of suspension may need to go to the repair shop frequently.



2. The Double-Wishbone Suspension

The double-wishbone suspension consists of two fork-shaped parts, and the name comes from it. Due to the composition of the structure, the force is more balanced and reasonable.


In terms of vehicle driving parameters, the data obtained is more specific, so that the car has better stability. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing cost is higher, and the research and development is more difficult. The models applicable to the double-wishbone suspension are mid-level models.


linkage components


3. The Multi-Link Independent Suspension

The multi-link independent suspension is composed of linkage components to achieve the relevant performance of the double-wishbone suspension. In appearance, the multi-link independent suspension structure is more complicated, but its stability and effectiveness are higher.


Compared with the double-wishbone suspension, the comparison in some force directions is also more specific. However, due to its complexity, its cost is higher than that of the double-wishbone suspension. In terms of technical requirements, the multi-link independent suspension is also the highest among the three. Therefore, the multi-link independent suspension is suitable for high-grade commercial vehicles.


In short, the car suspension system refers to the entire support system consisting of the spring and shock absorber between the frame and the bearing. There are many types of bearings, such as rod end joint bearings and spherical plain bearings. The function of the suspension system is to support the frame. Different suspension settings will give the driver a different driving experience. The suspension system determines the stability, comfort and safety of the car. It is one of the most critical components of modern cars.



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