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How to Maintain Kart Accessories?

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This article mainly analyzes how to maintain karts. If you use the least cost to earn the greatest benefit, the simplest way is to maximize the benefit. The maximization of benefits means that the overall utilization of karts can only be achieved by the high utilization rate of kart accessories.


The simple maintenance of karts includes steering wheel, knuckle, steering rod, brake pads, brake cable, throttle cable, seat, seat belt, ball joint and rod end. The depth maintenance of karts includes replacing engine oil, gear oil, brake oil, cleaning clutch friction plate grease inside the engine, and replacing clutch friction plate. Therefore, we must strive to improve its performance and quality, extend its service life, and improve the safety factor.

ball joint parts


There are many karting clubs and karting playgrounds in the market, but few people really understand the performance of karting and better use of karting. Generally speaking, the relevant departments and personnel have relatively superficial knowledge and understanding of go-kart, and there are different views and practices in theory.


The following symptoms can occur if the head of the kart is broken. The outer ball joint refers to the handle ball head, the inner ball joint refers to the steering rod ball head; the outer ball head and the inner ball head are not connected together, they work together; the steering ball joint is connected to the horn, and the hand ball of the head is connected to the parallel rod and repaired as soon as possible to avoid danger.


Karting should pay attention to repair small ball joint, ball joint parts and transmission parts.


As shown in the figure, the ball Joints and rod ends of karts have a twisted rod end in some original customers. Why does this happen? The main reason is that customers have different perceptions of this rod end and ball head. Some customers loosen the screws of the ball joints rod end when adjusting the tire steering. After the adjustment is completed, the screws are not tightened, resulting in forceful steering and loosening again and again. Due to the loosening of the screws, the lever bending occurred repeatedly.


Since then, our factory has focused on the problem of the ball head tie rod screw for each customer, but it has not appeared in this situation at one time. Because this rod end is forged at high temperature, it does not exist in the force of individuals to bend it. To sum up, the simplest sentence is that the ball head rod end screws are tightened, and you can use a wrench to solve it.


ball joint parts

The picture below shows the steering wheel base. This screw is just as sloppy. Each screw is a downturn screw. Generally, it is not a big problem to tighten it with a wrench.


The following is a note, do not step on the brake and accelerator at the same time. Why is this? Generally, as a kart novice, you don't care about stepping on the brake and the accelerator at the same time. Because they are not merchants, they will not think about the life of kart accessories. Why can't you step on it at the same time? The most direct result is the damage of the friction plate in the gearbox. Although it is a wet clutch with lubricating oil in it, it can't withstand the throttle throttle.


The last accessory is the brake system. The brake system is composed of the front brake pump and the rear brake assembly. The most easily broken point is the brake pads. Generally, karts have rear disc brakes, with single-tube brakes and double-tube brakes. The stability of the double-tube brake is better. How to better prevent brake pads from wearing? The easiest and most direct method is to run a kart for a day, and use the blower to blow off the brake pads and brake discs every time you close the car.



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