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Assembly of Drive Shaft Parts

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The transmission shaft is a component part of the universal joint, which can connect the parts that are not on the same axis to realize the function of power transmission. The most commonly used transmission system for agricultural transport vehicles is a cross-shaft rigid universal joint.


When used, the maximum angle of intersection between adjacent two shafts is 15° to 20°. It consists of two ordinary universal joints, intermediate transmission shaft, transmission shaft, intermediate support, etc. When the drive shaft is used for a period of time, different types of failures such as wear and dynamic balance damage may occur. Now we are discussing with the majority of professionals about the repair and assembly technology of the drive shaft parts.


transmission shaft

Structural characteristics of the transmission shaft

The drive shaft is made of thin steel coils. The output fork of the front universal joint, that is, the tail end of the welding fork is inserted into the shaft tube of the intermediate transmission shaft and welded firmly. A splined shaft is welded on the rear end of the shaft tube, and after being inserted into the intermediate support, it is then inserted into the flange, pressed with a nut and locked with a cotter pin. The intermediate support hoistes the drive shaft on the frame cross member. The flange stop at the rear end of the intermediate drive shaft is aligned with the intermediate universal joint fork and fastened together with 4 bolts. The intermediate universal joint sliding fork is connected with the spline shaft welded to the front end of the transmission shaft through a spline hole, and can be relatively slid along the axial direction. The spline part is lubricated with grease. In order to prevent leakage, waterproof and dust, the drive shaft has a dust cover and felt oil seal device.


The rear end of the transmission shaft is connected to the flange plate at the shaft end of the rear bevel active bevel gear through a universal joint. In order to adjust the dynamic balance of the transmission shaft, a balance piece is welded on the shaft tube. In order to prevent the dynamic balance state from being damaged due to improper assembly in future maintenance, ensure that the universal joint forks at both ends of the same transmission shaft are in the same plane. Marks should be aligned during assembly. When the mark is aligned, the universal joint forks on both ends of the transmission shaft are just in the same plane. In addition, in order to facilitate the filling of grease, the lubricating nozzles of all universal joints and sliding forks should be on the same straight line.


Assembly of drive shaft assembly

The repair quality and technical performance of the drive shaft assembly are not only related to the repair quality of each part, but also related to the assembly quality. Often due to negligence and errors in assembly, the balance of the transmission shaft is disrupted, making it unable to work normally, resulting in early wear and damage of each sports pair. Therefore, it must be implemented according to technical requirements during assembly.

transmission shaft


When assembling the transmission shaft, the following items should be generally noted: (1) Ensure that the power output shaft and the input shaft are driven at the same speed. When installing, it must be noted that when installing the expansion joint of the transmission shaft, the universal joint forks at both ends of the transmission shaft must be in the same plane. If the key teeth are worn loose, the rear universal joint should be aligned with the rotation direction of the transmission shaft (when the car is moving forward) during assembly, and the key teeth can be deflected in advance. (2) Ensure the balance of the transmission shaft and the balance of the rotation quality of each part of the transmission shaft.


For more assembly information of drive shaft parts, please continue to pay attention to the article dynamics.



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