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Advantages of Cross Roller Bearings for Industrial Robots

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Bearing is a widely used part in the industrial field, here are some common bearings: rod end joint bearing, spherical plain bearing, cross roller bearing and so on. The following mainly introduces the application of cross roller bearings.  


Crossed roller bearing is a kind of special bearing. After loading the roller and spacer holder, the inner ring and outer ring of this bearing will be fixed together with the crossed roller shaft ring to prevent separation from each other, so it is easy to operate when installing this bearing. Because the cross roller bearing is composed of two parts, the inner ring and the outer ring, the bearing clearance can be adjusted. Such bearing can rotate with high precision even if it is preloaded. Because of its special structure, it is generally used for joint bearings of industrial robots.


industrial bearings

In the field of industrial robot, the spherical plain bearings that have been used more are mainly thin section bearings and crossed roller bearing. The bearing of industrial robot is one of its key components, which is used in the joint part or rotating part of industrial robot, the rotating table of machining center and so on.



Advantages of Crossed Roller Bearings

1. Crossed roller bearing has excellent rotation accuracy: The rollers inside the crossed roller bearing are arranged vertically, and the rollers are equipped with spacer holder or isolation block, which can prevent the roller from tilting and rubbing each other, and effectively prevent the increase of rotation torque. In addition, the roller of this bearing will not be locked. Because the inner and outer rings of this bearing are separated, the clearance can be adjusted, and even if preload is applied, the bearing can perform high precision rotation motion.


2. Easy to operate when installing: The outer or inner ring, which is divided into two parts, is fixed together after being loaded with rollers and retainers, so the operation is very simple when installing.


3. Able to withstand large axial and radial loads: The crossed roller is arranged vertically on the rolling surface of V groove rolling through the spacer holder. This design enables crossed roller bearings to withstand large radial loads, axial loads and torque loads in all directions.


Crossed roller bearing

4. Small installation space required: The inner and outer ring dimensions of crossed roller bearings are miniaturized as much as possible. The crossed roller has high rigidity, so it is suitable for assembling the joint part or rotating part of industrial robot, rotating table of machining center, rotating part of mechanical arm, precise rotating table, medical instrument, measuring instrument, IC manufacturing device, etc.


These are all the advantages of the crossed roller bearings used in the field of industrial robots. In general, the crossed roller are a kind of suitable bearing in the field of industrial robots. The crossed roller bearings can make the joints of industrial robots more flexible, and it has excellent rotation accuracy. In addition, the installation operation of the crossed roller bearing is very simple, it can carry large axial and radial load, and can greatly save the space for installation. 



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