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National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technical Committee spherical plain bearing Sub-Technical Committee Second Session

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The second meeting of the National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technical Committee Joint Bearing Sub-Technical Committee hereinafter referred to as the Joint Bearing Sub-Standard Committee was held in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province from December 19th to 20th, 2019. A total of 26 members including members and representatives of the Joint Bearing Sub-Standard Committee, secretariat staff and experts of the Joint Bearing Sub-Standard Committee attended the meeting.


The meeting was chaired by Yong Taifang, deputy chairman of the spherical plain bearing Sub-Standard Committee.


spherical plain shaft bearing

Wang Zhaochang, Secretary-General of the Joint Bearing Sub-Commissioning Committee, reported the work of the Joint Bearing Sub-Commissioning Committee for 2018-2019 and the focus of work in 2020. Professor Yang Xianqi gave a technical lecture on the Development of International Standards for Rated Loads of Joint Bearings. He mainly talked about ISO20015: 2017 Calculation Method for Rated Dynamic and Static Loads of Joint Bearings and ISO / TR20051 Derivation of Rated Load Coefficients of Joint Bearings drafted by him as the project leader. The background, formulation process, technical content and technical differences of the two international standards publications are introduced in detail. The two important basic standards in the field of joint bearings are China's first export of Chinese standards to the International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC4, which have far-reaching significance and have a significant international impact. Regarding ISO20015: 2017 and China's current JB / T8565-2010 Rated Dynamic Load and Life of Joint Bearings and JB / T8567-2010 Rated Static Load of Joint Bearings have different calculation formulas, the life coefficient needs to be re-tested and verified. The representatives participating in the meeting started discussions and finally reached a consensus. Led by the secretariat, and actively participated by various committee members, through load calculation and test verification, they will continue to carry out in-depth research and verification of spherical plain bearing load, and lay a solid technical foundation for continued international standards and the subsequent revision and improvement of ISO20015.


In the meeting, there were technical discussions on GB / T304.3 Joint Bearing Coordination, GB / T304.9 General Technical Rules for Joint Bearings and GB / T12765 Joint Bearing Installation Dimensions included in the revised plan in the next three years. The revision direction and content were determined, and each member unit provided data support to the drafting group.


spherical plain bearing

Li Feixue and Gao Gong informed the participants of the second international standard project proposal ISO / NP24652, Spherical Plain End Bearings for Joint Bearing Hydraulic Cylinders, introduced the work content and procedures of international standardization activities and the importance of participating in international standardization work, introduced the idea of planning the establishment of a domestic expert working group of the ISO24652 standard project, and sent a sincere invitation to the member unit to become an expert in the international standard working group and as an expert in the technical support domestic working group. Representatives participating in the meeting stated that they should actively participate in international standardization work and contribute to the successful completion of international standardization projects.


The staff of the Secretariat of the spherical plain shaft bearing Sub-Standard Committee successfully completed the meeting.


This meeting promotes the development of joint bearings and rod end joint bearing among it.



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