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What Is Inside The Bearing?

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Bearings, a small component, play an important role in bearing machinery and machines. As long as something is rotating, there will be bearings.


Step One: Dismantling

Firstly, we need to remove the dust cover of the shaft bearing. After removing the dust cover, we can flip the small bearings so that its back is facing us. Then we use a needle or a thin hard object to lift out of the cage (you can use a hard needle to push it from the front). In this way, we get a cage, a bearing with steel balls completely exposed. The next step is to pull the steel balls together and remove the inner ring. At this point, we have completely disassembled the entire bearing!



Step Two: Resolution

The outer ring, the part of the shaft bearing that directly contacts the hub, mainly plays a supporting role, which bears most of the force from the wheel. Most of the wear and tear occurs on the side of the outer side that is in contact with the hub. When excessive impact force is applied, it will deform or even break, affecting the safety of use. For example, bearings that are not specifically designed for FSK or extreme roller skating tend to reduce bearing life and accelerate bearing aging when used in these activities.

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The inner ring and the outer ring together form the track of the bearing bead, which directly contacts the piercing nail. In addition to its own quality problems, improper use will cause the inner ring to break. For example, in the absence of lubricating oil, it is still used with high strength.


The cage plays an important role in the normal operation of the industrial bearing. First, it separates each steel ball to minimize friction and heat generation during work. Second, it has the capability to keep the distance between the steel balls equal, so that the load received is evenly distributed. Third, the steel ball runs normally under its guidance. The nylon cage, inlaid with six steel balls, is symmetrically distributed on the six vertices of the hexagon on the circumference, which is able to distribute the load evenly and bear more loads than the seven-ball shaft bearing!


Steel balls, installed between the inner and outer rings, play the role of rolling and transmitting force. Steel balls are load-bearing parts, whose shape, size and number determine the bearing's ability to bear load and high-speed operation performance. In high-intensity improper use, "ball blast" phenomenon is prone to occur, such as high-intensity use that lasts for a long time in the absence of lubricating oil.



The dust cover is generally the easiest to get dirty, mainly to prevent grease from overflowing and to prevent foreign objects from entering the metal bearing. The high-quality dustproof cover requires industrial bearing manufacturers to have superb technical strength in terms of dustproof, waterproof and antifouling performance.



Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the bearing working conditions and maintain the bearings, so that the bearings have a longer service life in harsh environments.

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