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Which Industries Need Bearings?

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Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient in the process of its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. The following describes the application of shaft bearings in different industries.



Production Machinery

1. Machine Tool

As the basic assembly of machine tool, the performance of spindle bearing directly affects the speed, rotation accuracy, rigidity, anti vibration cutting performance, noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation of the machine tool, and then affects the accuracy and surface quality of machining parts. Therefore, high-performance machine tools must be equipped with high-performance bearings. The accuracy of rolling bearing can be divided into five grades: P0, P6, P5, P4 and P2. For the spindle bearings of high-speed and high-precision machine tools such as CNC machine tools and machining centers, P4 and above super precision bearings should be selected.

shaft bearings


2. Printing Industry 

The printing machine bearing is used to help the main drum of the printing machine to complete the work. Due to the complexity of applications, only a small part of the printing machine bearings can be standardized. Therefore, the printing machine bearing includes many models and sizes.


3. Textile Industry

Modern textile machines are highly automatic, and it is required to be able to operate continuously in high output and trouble free conditions. The bearings with good quality has the characteristics of low friction, high precision, zero clearance, simple installation, less maintenance, long service life, low noise and high reliability.


4. Food and Packaging Industry

Food production must be both economical and efficient. This requires the machines for producing food with a high degree of safety and reliability. Corrosion resistant bearings can meet the requirements of the industry.


5. Woodworking Industry

In many cases, the deep groove ball bearing can meet the requirements of wood planer. If the speed of wood planer is very high, the spindle bearing can be used instead of the deep groove ball bearing. 



Power Transmission and Railway Industry

1. Rolling Stock Industry

Railway stock bearing refers to the bearing used in rolling stock and vehicle. The bearings on the rolling stock include axle box bearings, traction motor bearings, transmission system bearings, power unit bearings and cooling system bearings. The bearings on the vehicle are mainly axle box bearings. The axle box of passenger cars mostly adopts short cylindrical roller bearings, while the axle box of freight cars mainly adopts tapered roller bearings. The variety, structure and performance of vehicle bearing are basically similar to that of rolling stock axle box bearing.


shaft bearings

2. Gearbox Bearing

The modern gearbox can transmit high power in a small space. This requires us to choose high-performance rolling bearings. In addition to bearing capacity, reasonable structure, lubrication and sealing are also factors to be considered when selecting bearings. Almost all types of rolling bearings can be used in power transmission industry due to different gearbox design and gear engagement. The input shaft of cylindrical gear unit is often supported by spherical roller bearings or tapered roller bearing. In a bevel gear unit, a small axial guide clearance is required to ensure gear engagement. Tapered roller bearing or angular contact ball bearing can be used. 



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