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Application and Characteristics of Spherical Joint

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Spherical compensator, also known as spherical joint, mainly relies on the angular displacement of the sphere to absorb or compensate the lateral displacement of the pipeline in one or more directions. Ball joints should be used in pairs. There is no compensation capability for single ball joints, but it can be used as a pipe universal joint. The ball joint has the advantages of large compensation capacity, small fluid resistance and deformation stress, no blind plate force, and small acting force on the fixed support. The advanced technology of carbon fiber sealing device makes the sealing performance of the equipment more stable and reliable. Even if leakage occurs for a long time, it can be maintained without stopping the gas and reducing pressure.



Application Range of Ball Joints

Ball and joint socket is a kind of equipment that solves the thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines. It can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, textile, construction and national defense construction industries. The specific uses are as follows.


1. The pressing ball joints used in thermal pipelines is to compensate for thermal expansion.


spherical joint

2. The ball joint is used in rocket launching pads and aircraft exhaust facilities to compensate for impact expansion.


3. It is used as a universal joint in the vaporization cooling system of metallurgical equipment and the coal ash transportation pipeline system.


4. The socket ball joint is used in various pipelines of buildings to prevent damage to the pipeline due to uneven settlement of the foundation or accidents such as earthquakes.



Features of Ball Joints

1. The ball joint has large compensation capacity, small occupied space, small fluid resistance, and beautiful appearance.


2. The spherical joint can be rotated at any angle around the axis and can be bent in any direction. The bending angle is ± 15 °, which is 30 ° in total.


3. The ball joint has good sealing performance, the sealing material has high elasticity, the friction coefficient is low, the lubrication performance is good, and the rotating torque is small.


4. Due to the large compensation capacity, a set of ball joints can be arranged about one per 300 meters, so there are few fixed brackets, saving total investment and saving energy.


spherical joint

5. The ball joint socket can balance the blind plate force by itself.


6. The ball joint can achieve universal multi-dimensional compensation, regardless of the horizontal or axial compensation of the pipeline, any direction can meet the requirements.


7. The small ball joint is finished by CNC lathe with high surface finish.


8. The ball joint has a large compensation capacity, which is 10 times that of the traditional square compensator.


9. Ball joint can save investment.


10. The spherical ball joint can reduce heat loss and pressure loss and save energy.



In summary, the ball joint is a new type of pipeline thermal expansion compensation device that is large in compensation capacity, takes up small space, saves investment, saves energy, and is safe and reliable. It is particularly suitable for high-temperature thermal pipelines and is worthy of being widely used in superheated steam thermal pipeline.



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