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Ball Joint Installation Conditions

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The spherical ball joint mainly relies on the angular displacement of the sphere to absorb or compensate the lateral displacement of the pipeline in one or more directions. The ball joint should be used in pairs. The single-use ball joint has no compensation ability, but it can be used as a pipe universal joint.


Installation conditions

1. Check the model, specifications and piping configuration of the ball joint socket before installation, and it must meet the design requirements.


2. It is strictly forbidden to use the deformation method of the corrugated compensator to adjust the installation tolerance of the pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of the spherical joint, reduce the service life and increase the load of the piping system, equipment and supporting members.


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3. During the installation process, the welding slag is not allowed to splash on the surface of the wave shell, and the wave shell is not allowed to be damaged by other machinery.


4. After the piping system is installed, the yellow auxiliary positioning components and fasteners used for installation and transportation on the ball joint should be removed as soon as possible, and the limit device is adjusted to the specified position according to the design requirements, so that the piping system is adequate under environmental conditions Compensation capacity.


5. All moving elements of the ball joint shall not be stuck by external components or limit its moving range, and the normal movement of each moving ball joint part shall be guaranteed.


6. During the hydrostatic test, the secondary fixed pipe frame with the end of the ball joint pipe shall be reinforced so that the pipe will not move or rotate. For the socket ball joint and connecting pipes used for gas media, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is necessary to add a temporary bracket when filling with water.



Installation Precautions

1. Leak Prevention

In actual operation, it is found that the main leakage position of the ball joint is the flange where the ball joint is connected to the pipeline, so the connection between the ball and joint socket and the pipeline is preferably welded, and the flange connection is used as little as possible. The ball joint is arranged as close as possible to the elbow, that is, the spherical center distance is extended as much as possible.


2. Anti-drop Frame

The compensation distance of the ball joint is long, and the fixing bracket is stressed, and the fixing bracket must be firm and reliable. The pipeline slide support must be long enough with a certain margin to prevent the pipeline from running over temperature. Otherwise, it will cause problems such as the long-distance pipeline slipping off the rack.


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3. Guarantee Safety

With enough space, in order to ensure safe operation, it is best to install ball supplement without cold positioning.


4. Reduce Friction

Guide brackets are set on long straight pipe sections on both sides of the pressing ball joints at a certain distance. The movable bracket should be a rolling bracket or a Teflon plate under the sliding support to reduce the friction of the pipeline.


5. Leave Enough Space

When laying multiple pipes in parallel, there must be enough space for the ball joints to prevent it from affecting each other and to ensure the normal free movement of ball joints.


6. Set the Spring

When the ball joint is arranged vertically, the first movable bracket close to the ball joint must be provided with a spring bracket.


7. Set Up the Platform

When three ball joints are laid overhead for horizontal L-shaped pipelines, a platform must be installed under each ball joint to install the ball joint trolley to ensure the free movement of the ball joint. In addition, a sliding bracket with a long enough length should be provided near the pipe elbow to ensure that the pipe slide support will not fall when the pipe is thermally displaced.



In summary, the ball joint is a new type of pipeline thermal expansion compensation device that is large in compensation capacity, small in space, saves investment, saves energy, and is safe and reliable to use. It is especially suitable for high-temperature thermal pipelines and is worthy of widespread promotion on superheated steam thermal pipeline application.



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