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Classification Of Bearings Used In Industrial Robots

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With the popularization of automation, industrial robots are also increasingly applied to the production lines and equipment of various enterprises. Today we will introduce the classification and characteristics of knuckle bearings commonly used in industrial robots.



Application of bearings in industrial robots

Bearings are one of the most critical supporting parts for industrial robots. It is mainly used for a wide range of applications such as robot joints or rotating parts, rotating tables of machining centers, rotating parts of robots, precision rotating tables, medical instruments, and mapping tools.

Equal section bearings and crossed roller bearings are the two most common types of bearings in robots. In addition, there are harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearing shaft, rod ends, rod end joint bearings, spherical plain bearings, hydraulic rod ends ;


hydraulic rod ends


Classification of bearings for industrial robots

Thin section bearings

Thin section bearings refer to the fact that the dimensions of the bearing in the radial and axial sections are equal and the dimensions are relatively thin, while the two dimensions of a normal bearing are not equal. It is mainly used in the case where the size requires the bearing size and cross section to be very small.


The thin section realizes a very thin bearing section, and also realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The diversity of products has expanded its range of uses. In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good turning accuracy of the bearing, a small outer light steel ball is used. The use of hollow shafts ensures space for weight reduction and wiring. Thin section bearings realize extremely thin bearing end faces, and also reduce the size and weight of products. The diversity of products has expanded its range of uses.


Thin section bearings are deep groove ball bearings (C), four-point contact ball bearings (X), angular contact ball bearings (A), these designs are available in different series. The series depends on the size of the cross section, and the ball matches the series. Deep groove ball bearing can support both axial and radial loads. Four-point contact ball bearings can support the main structural forms of bidirectional thin section bearings.


Thin section bearings are widely used in aircraft, aerospace, astronomical instruments and clamping equipment, food processing equipment, glass production equipment and rotary tables, machine tools, packaging equipment, medical equipment, optical scanning equipment, radar, satellite communications equipment, textiles Machinery, robotics, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


 knuckle bearing


Crossed roller bearings

This is a special type of bearing with split inner ring and outer ring rotation. The divided inner ring or outer ring is fixed with the cross roller collar after the roller and the spacer are installed to prevent separation, so the operation is simple when installing the cross roller collar. Compared with traditional models, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, because the inner or outer ring of the cross roller bearing has a two-part structure, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and even if a preload is applied, a high-precision rotary motion can be obtained. Moreover, due to its special structure, it is usually used as a knuckle bearing in industrial robots.


The role of bearings in industrial robots is very important. Welcome to buy us all kinds of bearing accessories.




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