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How to repair the wear of shaft head of grate cooler

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How do cement companies repair worn shaft heads? Taking the process of repairing the shaft head in a cement enterprise as an example, we take a close look at the technology and materials used by the cement enterprise to repair the worn shaft head.


The south shaft head of the grate cooler in the enterprise production line is worn out, and the rod end bearing directly connected with the hydraulic cylinder is matched with the south shaft head. Because of the continuous operation of the machine for a long time, if the problem of shaft head wear is not solved in time, it will cause serious consequences to the safety of equipment and production. The worn shaft head is made of carbon steel, the wear width is about 130 mm, the diameter of the shaft head is 220 mm, the matching form is transition matching, the operating temperature is normal temperature, the running reciprocating speed is about 29 times per minute, the maximum pressure of hydraulic cylinder is 0.8 Mpa, and the wear size is Ø0.18~0.2 mm.


rod end linkage

Finally, the enterprise decided to use polymer composite material to repair the worn shaft head, the selected material is metal repairing material 2211F. The whole maintenance process takes 2 hours, and the cost is about 1,000 yuan. The maintenance process is simple and effective, convenient and fast, which saves valuable downtime for the enterprise and ensures the safe and continuous production of the enterprise.



Specific Maintenance Steps

1. First try to assemble the rod end joint bearing, measure the fit clearance with ruler and determine the wear dimension. 


2. Remove oil from the surface of the small bearings head, and then use acetylene flame to burn the parts to be repaired evenly to remove the oil and moisture that seep into the metal interior.


3. Use sand paper to grind the shaft head, and when the surface of the shaft head becomes clean and rough, the grinding can be stopped.


4. Clean the inner wall of the parts to be repaired and the spherical plain bearing with absolute ethanol. During the cleaning process, the cotton cloth should be used to scrub these parts to avoid wool fibers sticking to the metal surface.  


5. Apply a layer of 803 release agent to the inner wall of the joint bearing, the thickness of the coating should be thin, but the coating must be tightly covered on the inner wall.


6. Apply appropriate amount of 2211F polymer composites and evenly apply a layer of polymer repairing material to the shaft bearing head and the inner wall of the bearing. It is necessary to ensure that the polymer repairing material is in close contact with the metal part.


shaft head

7. Control the thickness of the material according to the size of the position that needs to be repaired, scrape off the excess material with the scraper. In this process, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of bubbles inside the material to destroy the air tightness. 


8. Copper sheet with the thickness of 0.1 mm is added to the upper and lower sides of the shaft head to fix it, the hydraulic cylinder rod ends and hydraulic cylinder parts should be assembled with hydraulic device. 


9. Use the iodized tungsten lamp to heat and solidify the repair site to complete the repairing process. 



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