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Which Kind of Bearing is Recommended for Atmospheric Jet Rotary Plasma Cleaner?

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Bearing is one of the precision machined parts widely used in contemporary mechanical equipment. Bearings are also a very important component in plasma cleaners. Bearings have three main functions on the plasma cleaning machine, supporting the rotating body of each component of the plasma cleaning machine, reducing the friction coefficient of the plasma cleaning machine during the movement, and ensuring its rotation accuracy. Every air jet rotary plasma cleaner can't do without bearings. So, what are the characteristics of bearings? How to choose?



Characteristics of Bearing Steel

Metal bearing materials are bearing steel, which has the following characteristics of high contact fatigue, good abrasion resistance, strong hardness and good anti-rust performance;


spherical plain bearings


Atmospheric Jet Plasma Cleaner

Atmospheric jet plasma cleaners are divided into two categories including atmospheric jet direct plasma cleaners and atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaners. Bearings are used in plasma cleaner equipment, mainly used in atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaners. The bearing of the atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaner is installed between the shaft sleeve and the shaft center, and is located at the rear position of the housing. When the atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaning machine is in operation, the shaft center is fixed, and the rotation of the shaft sleeve is driven by the rotation of the motor, so that the casing and the nozzle are rotated.



Selection of Atmospheric Jet Rotary Plasma Cleaner Bearings

There are many types of bearings, mainly divided into rod end joint bearing and spherical plain bearings. According to the structure, they can be divided into sliding bearings, articulated bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, two-way angular contact ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, needle rollers bearings, spherical ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, flange bearings, block bearings, combined bearings and linear bearings. What type of bearings should be used for atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaners? What characteristics should the selected bearing have?


Atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaners are recommended to select deep groove ball bearings with dust cover which is a kind of spherical plain bearings. Deep groove ball bearings are the most common rolling bearings, which have the following advantages.


1.It is easy to install, no heating and cleaning required before installation.


2. Grease has been filled in during production, and there is no need to perform lubrication maintenance during the use of the atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaner.


spherical plain bearings

3. It is with high temperature resistance, and can withstand temperature between -30 ℃ to +120 ℃, in line with the requirements of atmospheric jet rotating plasma cleaning machine working environment temperature.


4. It has small friction coefficient and high limit speed.


5. It can withstand larger axial loads.


6. It is with long service life.


In addition to the above advantages, the deep groove ball bearing with dust cover has three main functions. Prevent outside dust from entering. Prevent external gases or impurities from reacting with lubricating substances. Effectively reduce the volatilization of grease in deep groove ball bearings, thereby extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.



Based on the above points, it is recommended that when selecting bearings for atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaners, deep groove ball bearings with dust cover should be selected.



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