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What Are The Common Methods Of Bearing Installation?

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After we buy the rod end joint bearing or spherical plain bearings, do you know how to install them? Below we mainly introduce common bearing installation methods, hope this article will help you. 



1. Thrust bearing installation

The fit of the shaft ring of the thrust bearing and the shaft is generally a transition fit, and the fit of the seat ring and the bearing seat hole is generally a gap fit, so this bearing is easier to install. The installation method of the bearing is generally the case where the shaft rotates, so the fit between the inner ring and the shaft is an interference fit, and the fit between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing chamber is a clearance fit.


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2. Installation of tapered bore bearings

The tapered bore bearing can be installed directly on the tapered journal or on the tapered surface of the adapter sleeve and the withdrawal sleeve. The degree of tightness of the fit can be measured by the reduction of the radial clearance of the bearing. Therefore, before installation, the radial clearance of the bearing should be measured. During the installation process, the clearance should be measured frequently to achieve the required reduction in clearance. Generally, the lock nut is used for installation, and the method of heating installation can also be used.


3. Press coordination 

When the inner ring of the bearing is tightly fitted with the shaft, and the outer ring is loosely fitted with the bearing housing hole, the bearing can be pressed on the shaft with a press, and then the shaft and the bearing are inserted into the bearing housing hole together. On the end face of the inner ring of the bearing, an assembly sleeve (copper or mild steel) made of a soft metal material is placed. The inner diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly larger than the diameter of the journal. The outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the inner ring rib of the bearing, so as not to press on the cage.



4. Heating coordination

By heating the bearing or bearing housing, the thermal expansion is used to transform the tight fit into a loose fit installation method. It is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for the installation of bearings with a large interference. Before hot assembly, put the bearing or detachable bearing ring in the oil tank and heat it evenly at 80-100 ℃. To prevent the end face of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder from being tight after cooling, the bearing can be axially tightened after cooling. When the outer ring of the bearing is tightly fitted with the bearing seat made of light metal, the hot fitting method of heating the bearing seat can be used to prevent the mating surface from being scratched.


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If you have any questions about bearings such as rod ends, spherical plain bearings, hydraulic rod ends, ball joints, clevises and fittings, precision machined parts, etc., please contact our bearing experts. We are happy to provide you with high-quality and professional answers.



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